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Squamish Long Weekend

Posted by robjwall on September 7, 2010

School is back today, but we have just had an interesting long weekend.  Friday afternoon I  had a very relaxed paddle in the sun with Demelza, Kira, Tarquin, Dave and his two kids Sam and Zak.  The water level is quite low now, so you don’t get pushed around so much, but its not too rocky either.  The colour of the water is now Opalescent Turquoise We all camped the night at on the river bank and had a fire (defying the marshmellow ban).

Saturday morning those of us with bikes rode the “Farside” trail – about an hour of technical up and down mountain biking.  THEN it was time for a downriver run to Squamish (the first long paddle Demelza and I have done).  Joined by Sally from Coast River Kayak we  started on the course (I capsized while out of breath, and totally failed to roll…)  then spent a couple of hours slowly paddling back to the put-out near our house.  The kids have named the rapids on that run “Skittles” (something to do with food) and “Tarkies Terror”, because he was afraid of it – but he did it when I watched (missing the big rock).  We all had a pretty early night.
Which we needed because on Sunday morning we braved the cold and met up with Karen (Sam and Zak’s mum this time) at a secluded cliff “Fern Gully” Demelza led one of the easy routes & we did two more.  The kids all shot up them all as ever.  Alfie got half way up the 5.4. After lunch (bread tuna and cheese, just for a change) we moved to Ronin and took some photos on the classic “Ridge Runner”. I led two routes between Deep Breakfast and Ridge Runner — I especially enjoyed the hard slab/face “Ne’r do well” which is new since the guide book.  I was  almost falling the whole way up, using my newest shoes to stand on tiny crystals (10d at least I think!).  That night we all went out for Fish and Chips.

The holiday Monday was raining.  John Fantini dropped by for a cup of tea and to use my computer, so we had a good chat about 1980’s Australia and made some future plans.  Sometimes its good to have rain to keep us inside.  Nevertheless Tarquin and I headed up (700m up!) on our bikes to the top of “Half Nelson” a long and winding bumpy downhill trail… (this is a video I found on youtube!)

and raced down it.  I got a little too much rotation on a steep bump (about 6 minutes and a bit in on the video?) and landed directly on my head.  Lying on the ground all I could think was to yell at Tarquin to slow down, as if the same thing would happen to him (which it wouldn’t because he has way more BMX still than me).  Today I am nursing a sore upper back and wrist, but nothing is broken.

Maybe all weekends here  are not quite so full of outdoor sport, but there is certainly lots of opportunity!

One Response to “Squamish Long Weekend”

  1. Glenda said

    make the most of it because it won’t be too long before you’ll be getting the ski’s and snowboards out.
    What a magic place to be living, you might not want to come back!

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