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Cold day pictures

Posted by robjwall on November 24, 2010

Too cold for anything today so Alfie and I went out shooting Squamish for a few hours…

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3 Responses to “Cold day pictures”

  1. helene said

    Beautiful, I love reading your blog. I’d love to be able to take my kids outdoors like you, your family is amazing!

  2. robjwall said

    I got this email from the kids school today:

    SNOWBALLS – Well it looks like we are going to get some snow so please listen carefully to the following:

    * Snowballs are allowed ONLY on the lower or back field when classes are not in session.
    * Grade 8’s ONLY on the upper field.
    * Grade 9 and 10’s ONLY on the lower field.
    * Snowballs are thrown on the fields only by mutual consent.
    * Other times or places aside from those mentioned previously (i.e. snowballs thrown in our around DRSS or BES, or on the way to and from home) may result in students being sent home.
    * Thank you all in advance for your cooperation.

  3. Glenda said

    great pictures of the coming winter. I love the bear. It is a truly beautiful country. Enjoy your last months. G

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