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1.1.11 Update

Posted by robjwall on January 1, 2011

Wow, no updates for a while.  Time flies  — or I am a bad diarizer.  December saw the start of the skiing seasons with the healthy and PC Callaghan Valley fighting it out with the quick fix of Whistler for our attentions.  Both are great in there own way, especially with friends and family.  This photo of the Black Tusk was taken on the downhill  day Kate and I had alone on Whistler (great day,  complete with Waffles at Crystal Hut).
Squamish is interesting in Winter, it seems to be either really wet, or very cold and dry, or snowing. Nothing by halves.  Its still possible to fit in the odd ride when there is enough rain to wash the snow away.  Some of the best riding during the really cold spells when all the puddles freeze solid, and the rock is bone dry .  This photo is of a winter walk in the Smoke Bluffs with the kids a few days before Christmas.   For the Solstice, Kate and I treated ourselves to a night in a cross country ski lodge – it was snowing very heavily for both days, and we had to ski a difficult route out as the grooming machine hadn’t done the easier one!  Here is a picture Kate took of me trying to make tea on the way in. 


We skied at Callaghan (in the rain) on Christmas day, and then had a truly great dinner at the Berrisford’s house with way too much to eat and drink, I think I rode home after.  Boxing day we went sea Kayaking in the Howe Sound which was a lot more fun that it sounds, the views were amazing,  Kate loved it – I was under-dressed and got cold!  Then we spent 4 days in Tofino, so I finally got to see Vancouver Island.  (I had to try surfing one time – I’ll never complain about Margs being cold again).  The kids invented a new beach game, which was smashing inch thick sheets of glass pulled off the top of the rock-pools.    We enjoyed staying in the worlds best Hostel in the Botanical Gardens, and met a great German/English family.

George who runs it even lent us a Canadian Canoe – we couldn’t leave Canada without paddling one at least once.  Ok we got stuck in the mud when the tide changed, but it was surprisingly easy for us (well Demelza) to push us out.  A sunny cold ferry ride saw us back in Squamish for an awesome NY party again at the Berrisford’s house (thanks guys).  New years day we skied in sunshine on Whistler (film coming soon).


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