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To Facebook or not to Facebook

Posted by robjwall on January 19, 2011

I sent 8 friends the question – “Do you use facebook” (I have other friends I KNOW use it so I did not ask them).

The responses are interesting:  I got 5 yes, 1 no-reply, 2 considering.

I have a facebook page, but I don’t access it all that often.  Other people seem to be on it all the time.  It is very easy to use, you can post lots of pics up on it, and you can keep up to date with what other people are doing whenever you want.

The main reservation is that people misuse it like it’s nickname ‘stalkbook’ suggests.  But this is avoided by either not putting anything on there that you wouldn’t want everyone to know!  It is a way of people looking other people up and seeing there life, but you can keep picture galleries ‘private’ which limits who gets access to it to the people you are friends with, and I’m sure you can limit it even further by actually picking who you’d like to be able to see things but I haven’t searched the settings that thoroughly.

I don’t have access to it at work like my email, which is a really good thing because it can be the worlds biggest time waster the amount of stuff, games, things post, what and who to look up etc…

So I say go for it, it’s really easy to use and just keep whatever you put on there simple and things that you don’t mind everyone looking at!  Not too hard really!

Plus you get invitations to things through it and I find this happens a lot more with people like xxxx and his age group, and you won’t get invited via the usual methods…  not because they dont want you to come, it’s just that they assume everyone has a facebook page!


Yep suck it up and “enjoy” gen me . Lookn forward to seeing you in the hood again mate al good here


Really useful for keeping in touch with people, especially those who lose their phones and change numbers regularly. People definately overuse it, but that comes down to self discipline.


Yeah I do use it, it’s probably the main way I keep in touch with people these days. It’s just a few old fossils who still use email 🙂

Not sure whether I’d call it “useful”, other than that you can see what people are doing (or want you to see) with fairly minimal effort. Plus I get updates from other stuff like bands, music, authors, software, Android, Perth festival etc so you can keep up to date on that kind of stuff in one place.

Yeah get on it. It’s free and I’ve pulled quite a few roots through it 🙂 plus it’s the best way to keep up with what everyone’s up to if it annoys you then don’t sign on as much.

I did have a facebook page, but the only people that wanted to be my friends were people I once went to high school with and so I killed the page. Whilst had it I mentioned to xxxxx and as I shut mine down she started and still uses hers.

The ‘nickname’ Stalkbook is excellent as I recently read a novel about a serial rapist who used twitter and facebook and really appreciated his next victims telling him where they were going to be at certain times etc.


Facebook – hmmm….

xxxx has an account, and gossips endlessly – some of it good i’m sure, but lots of chatty bollocks to people she sees all the time anyway..

Have banned kids from it so far, partly safety, but really – i would rather they did not spend their childhood angst-ing over online comms, but get outside doing stuff – they occasionally use xxxx a/c.

Me?  keep thinking i should, mostly from the perspective of “I’m an internet software developer, I should be familiar with all these kinds of things” but no i’ve avoided it.

I’m not really that curious about it – pretty sure i get it.
I already struggle to get 8 billable hours done, without opening up yet another socket.
Maybe i’m just an anti-social git, or maybe i don’t want to sink into a quagmire of endless trivia.

I can see the benefit of widespread personal directory and comms, but as a natural paranoic commie sceptic – we get most of that with email and thats more democratic.


one more tip that seems popular around our friends with teen kids – ensure that mum is subscribed as a facebook friend in a way that can see all messages.


3 Responses to “To Facebook or not to Facebook”

  1. helene said

    It’s great to keep in touch in a fun way but if you have too many friends just the news feed can get very time consuming. Yes it’s a time waster in a way but it put me back in contact with long lost friends that I have now bothered to visit in Israel, Brazil or Switzerland. It’s a toy, really, a good one. come soon.

  2. Glenda said

    working in the world of cyber crime, paedophiles and child pornography, no I don’t have face-book and i would not want my kids to have it. The offenders are so good at what they do it is a full time job to them. There is no way parents can keep up to date with technology and the kids are not going to always want mum & dad to know what they have on facebook!Facebook state that you can’t sign up before you are 18, well hello, since when did everyone become so honest!Yes it has it’s good points but I like to still actually talk to my friends and communicate in the real world. I give talks to scholl kids and it is very common for kids to tell you they have more than 50 friends on facebook etc. They cannot possibly know all those people well and be able to trust their information is not forwarded on, even if it is done with no ill intention. Kids think they know a lot but thank goodness they perhaps don’t know as much as they could. We owe it to all children to keep them safe at all costs and if that means we are deemed as old fashioned or mean then so be it.

  3. Matthew H. McKenzie. said

    In years gone by there was the Gestapo, Stasi, CIA and the like, now people spill their guts for free. I don’t have it, and the kids will need to old enough to make a (fully) informed decision. We live in a world where it not OK to be different and are therefore at risk of being somehow different in the eyes of others.

    I would not live in a glass house, even though I should have nothing to hide. Paranoia is both normal and healthy.

    I cannot see how it will survive against Google either, after all, when was the last time you heard anyone speak of MySpace (or geocities) ?

    Excellent blog, you must have enormous amounts of free time to keep this up…..I’m just passing by on the web to look you up.

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