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Save South Beach (again!)

Posted by robjwall on February 13, 2013

My comments on this proposal


1. This proposal has no benefit to kayakers, as we can launch off the beach already.    A ramp 100m away is no extra benefit, as we can walk to the beach already. What could benefit Kayakers is some steps from the existing public car park directly into the water at the very North end of the beach/rocks, to save carrying across the grassed area.


2. The CoF should carefully consider what disable facilities are actually needed and being asked for and not be manipulated by the vested interests of the Sailing Club.  Funding that is available for the disabled MUST CONSIDER THEIR NEEDS FIRST independent of other groups (be they kayakes or sailors…).


3. I, and others in the community do not want to close in yet another part of our beach.  This has been consistently demonstrated in the past.


4. Detailed scaled plans must be made available for public consultation.


5. I feel that building a ramp / groyne 1/2 km out to see on the existing sea wall would have little impact on existing beach users and may be acceptable, but anything closer will be rejected by the community.

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