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Posted by robjwall on March 26, 2013

The Girls!

Australian Canoe Developement Tour 2013

We left Perth airport at 11.55 and arrived in Melbourne at 5.15, and after trying to sleep on restaurant couches for 2 hours we met up with the Tasmanians and Victorians. We then made our way through customs and flew from Melbourne to Auckland and arrived in Auckland at 2.30. After a quick Maccas run we met up with the NSW team. We packed 23 boats on a trailer, which took some manoeuvring but we eventually got there. The 3-hour car ride took us to Matamata where we had Subway for dinner. We then drove for another hour and a half and arrived at our caravan park. Where the boys were allocated two rooms next to the kitchen and the girls scored a house with a tv.


It was 9.30 when we woke up after being awake for more than 24 hours.  We then had breakfast and went for…

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