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Posted by robjwall on March 28, 2010

A Plane, then train from Exeter to Montchavin to ski here:  Paradiski MapTo our very comfortable lodge “Chalet Santel” run by Johan and Tory.  We could ski to the door, its close to everything AND in a traditional village.

We all had skiing lessons, even Alfie  (yes, he does look bemused).

Alf walking home from his lesson.

Tarquin sporting granny’s jacket.

Kira  — very relaxed.

Demelza and Kira reading the French signs.

… I can see all my kingdom from here

And while the kids were in lessons…!

On the way home we vistited the French International White Water Slalom course in Boug St Maurice (at low water).

The kissing trains

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Loop the Lizard

Posted by robjwall on March 11, 2010

On the last few weekends we have been walking.  It continues to be sunny and cold. I am close to something we dubbed ‘loop the Lizard’.  A walk from Merthen to Merthen around the Lizard Peninsula, crossing the Helford on the ferry, and following the coastal path around the cliff-edges.  I guess Kira and I have done about half of it already.  Even Alf has done some.

Last weekend we did a two day stint staying overnight at the Paris Hotel in Coverack, which had surprisingly good food and views, and predictably small rooms.  My favourite stretch so far was from the Helford river at Gilllan to Porthellow.  Quiet riverside cottages, boats, rolling grass, and ‘Shakespearean’ rather than Cornish feeling countryside.

If you have Google earth you can see the route here  Loop the Lizard

BREAKING NEWS.  We had a rush of blood this week and have just booked to go skiing at Paradiski in the Alps for all of next week. (Gulp!)

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Cornwall routine

Posted by robjwall on March 11, 2010

Life is in a nice routine now.

  • Working on software during the week in my barn/office (ioGAS release 4.2).
  • Tennis with Kate if the sun comes out (she wins).
  • Exercise is cycling or running along farm tracks.
  • Bridge on Thursday nights at the pub (well I have been one time & was bidding ok, but went down a few tricks at the end of the night after 4 pints kicked in).

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Road to School

Posted by robjwall on March 3, 2010

Today I drove the (middle) kids to school, and it occurs to me what an amazing road it is to drive on.  Steep and winding through a woodland, above a stream (near Gweek).  Its hard to keep your eyes on the road (but you need to).  I got up to 50mph on the way back, and that felt way too fast.  If you have google earth you can click on this to see it.

road to school

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Posted by robjwall on March 2, 2010

As I write this we have been in Cornwall for just over two weeks.  I have been mostly working between struggling with internet connections (free wireless in a barn with no heating = too cold.  Vodaphone SIM = too slow (33kbps, but they didn’t tell me that before I got it!).  Now I am using a 10 pound 3G dongle which is fast enough but flakey!).

We are at Merthen Manor (TR115RU into google earth will find it) in  our barn ‘The Forge’.  I haven’t been here for 4.5 years: its all the same but different.  The various ruins  / building sites are all smart barn conversions.  Sister in law Jane kindly made the kids and I dinner the night we arrived. Its great to be here!.

The first weekend we spent with Australian/Brit mates Jack and Penny and family.  It was good to catch up with them after so long,  and go for a longish walk around the Southern tip of England (Chuch Cove to Kynance.  Kynance is one of my favourite Cornwall places: its where Demelza and I thought we saw a Dragon when she was two!).

On the 2nd weekend Kira and I  did another 1/2 day on the Coastal path ending up at Porthlevin.  The swell was about 3m with a high tide, so you got completely wet walking along the harbour front – its amazing how those villages survve!  I have set myself the goal of walking all of  the Lizard peninsular in the time we are here – its really scenic and varied.  No good rock to climb unfortunately.  BUT my big news is that I bought a new Mountain Bike (Whyte 905).  Its a fantastic bike to ride, light, responsive – you really notice how good hydraulic disc brakes are on the hills around here, and having 9 speeds on the back means you don’t get the big gaps in gears like my Freo bike.  Adjustable front shocks are a neat idea too.  I really enjoyed the hours ride to Falmouth through the farmland yesterday.  Its HILLY here.    We have all bought some new fleeces, jumpers, jackets as planned because the quality and prices of winter clothing here is so much better than Perth.  The $AU is up to 59p today which helps too!

The kids have discovered tennis & I love hitting the balls to them when I get a chance.  Tonight Kate and I played ‘doubles’ with them (for the first time) which was better than expected – I think Tark has a much better ‘eye’ than I ever had as a kid.  The kids are in school now and have written some stuff at http://  There are less photos in this post because my small Panasonic Camera has developed a focusing fault which is annoying given that it is less than 2 years old!

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