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If  you are here you probably know me.  There are some videos on YouTube also.

6 Responses to “Rob?”

  1. Karen Lang said

    Hi Rob,
    what brilliant photos – it looks like a Rob Wall wet dream! I couldn’t help thinking of the children plummeting off the cliffs but somehow the Wall urchins survive all the extreme fun every time. Well done on organising ithis amazing adventure.
    Griff has started at Christchurch and is in shock – they squeeze everything possible out of the kids with all the extra stuff piled on: before school sport, after school sport, languages, drama, music, homework coming out of their ears…he’s been so busy he hasn’t turned the telly on all term which is worth the price of the place alone, to me.
    Louey has a much easier pace (I think he eats the notes on all the extra things on offer) but does rugby and chess club after school. I love chess – that’s my extreme sport. I go along to help out but end up getting very excited and having to give myself a talk.
    Anyway, enough babble. The good news is that you are away for 12 months and missing out on all the building works at Gordana and Dragan’s house. The bad news is they haven’t started building yet and the move is taking months. I’m going round this weekend to help out. So you might be back in time for the demolition party after all – yay!
    K xo

  2. Gary Phillips said

    Hey Rob,

    Just discovered your blog site. What can i say? Awesome! Have you gone to Canada for a fixed time or what? Photos are great. Kids are having a ball! Lucky b’s! Kangaroo point looks fantastic – just knew there was climbing round the corner when I was there – I could smell it! Just too bloody hot to walk any further! Well done – nice find.


    • robjwall said

      Hi Garry. Well good that you left some routes for the rest of us. You should go climbing there, the rock is nice, and the routes are pretty accesable. We should be back in WA in Feb – see you then.

  3. ben hargreaves said

    hey Rob remember me from climbing in Thailand together a very long time ago! Snake, Ganja, Rastaman!! Great to see your blog, you’ve been having heaps of fun! Hey next time you’re in France come and visit me, that’s where i live now in the Ariege, loads of awesome climbing there. I lived in Oz for 13 years but never made it to WA until now! I’m flying back to France from Perth on the 1st Feb so looks like i’ll just miss you. But if we happen to overlap there it would be awesome to catch up. Have a great 2011, cheers, Ben.

  4. Paul Morton said

    Hi Rob, Dave Morriss emailed to introduce you to me. My wife and I lived in Vancouver for 10 or so years before moving to Dunsborough 2.5 years ago. We’re rock climbers, mountaineers, cyclists, skiers and do “local stuff” like free diving and kite boarding. Your blog has some good WA climbing adventures. If you’d like some adventures down here get in touch via email.

  5. Glenda said

    great job Rob. You should try the moto goggles Andre and poppy wear in the rain/mud that have peel off clear strips, work well. G

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