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Potsdam to Wittenberg

Posted by robjwall on May 24, 2020

A Sunny Sonntag ride from Potsdam to Wittenberg (106km) in May, through the green fields of Northern Germany.

This was a great day out on two wheels, and the first 100k ride on the new road bike. We got lost and had to walk though some sand at one point, but ended up in a small village for lunch. The shops were Corona-closed, but they had a BBQ set up in the street and were selling Bratwurst. Tasty. Really tasty 🙂

By luck we ended at this church. I poked my head in and heard 5 minutes of the most incredible pipe organ. (I could almost see gods, but it may have had something to do with 6 hours in the saddle?)

This church door was apparently where, in 1517 Luther posted his ’95 theses’ challenging the Catholic Church, and starting ‘The Reformation’. In a nutshell he questioned if it was moral for the Church to sell forgiveness.

And like all good travels in Europe it ended with a train ride (and you can buy beer on the train…)

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